Buddha’s Hand Citron

Rising C Ranches Buddha's HandThis uniquely unusual fruit truly resembles a human hand, and is thought to bring happiness, long life and good fortune. The long fingered segments contain virtually no juice or pulp, but the fruit is highly fragrant and can perfume a room with an exquisite fragrance for weeks. The fruit can be used to flavor savory dishes from marinades to fresh salads to tasteful desserts. The Buddha’s Hand is also a very ornamental piece of fruit and can be an eye-catching appeal to your buffet tables or floral arrangements.

Etrog Citron

Citron-EtrogA large, rough, and bumpy lemon is how the Etrog Citron has been described. The rind is yellow, glossy and thick, and has a very distinctive aroma which can freshen a room for several weeks. The pulp is pale yellow, very acidic, has numerous seeds and is not very juicy. The Etrog Citron is the ceremonial fruit of the Feast of Tabernacles, and the Jewish Festival of Sukkot. Etrog Citrons can be added to your bouquet to add lasting fragrance. The peel can be candied, used in preserves, or to flavor main dishes, salads, desserts and even alcoholic beverages.