Lisbon Lemon

Lemon-LisbonLemons are considered by many to be the most useful of all fruits. Their skin contains aromatic essential oils that are used a variety of ways. Lisbon Lemons are one of the major commercial varieties grown. They are a good quality fruit that is medium sized with a bright yellow rind and yellow flesh. They are very juicy and highly acidic. The Lisbon Lemon is one of our finest stem and leaf offerings, with beautiful contrasting colors and textures.

Meyer Lemon

Lemon-MeyerWe want to let you in on a secret…The Meyer Lemon has always been something of a California secret, and every year when its growing season begins, eager cooks sigh with relief! Chefs across the country are in love with this wonderful lemon which is packed with a succulent juice that is much sweeter than a Lisbon or Eureka lemon. The fruit has an attractive appearance with yellow-gold rind, which is smooth, soft and thin. The rind has little to no oil, so it will not add any bitterness to the juice. The juice is dark yellow in color with a distinct aromatic flavor, a combination of sweet lime, lemon, and mandarin. It has a much lower acid level than the true lemons, which gives it a unique appeal.

Variegated Pink Lemon

Lemon-Var PinkThe Variegated Pink Lemon is unlike any other lemon – the variegated green and white leaves and immature striped fruit are a beautiful contrast of colors and textures. When mature, the stripes fade and the rind becomes yellow with a hint of pink. Just as surprising as the outside, the inside holds a light pink flesh which is rich with the healthful (beneficial) antioxidant lycopene. The flavor is mild, tutti-frutti and just perfect for a tall glass of ice cold pink lemonade!

Yuzu Lemon

Lemon-YuzuImagine the flavor of lemon, lime, and grapefruit all in one fruit. The rough skinned, golf-ball sized Yuzu Lemon gives you this unique blend, and is a much sought after citrus prize. Many chefs use the zest and juice to flavor their creations from vegetables, seafood, and sushi, to ice creams, tarts, and martinis. Early in the season the rind is lime-green which gives way to a light lemo