The way we farm may take more time and effort than conventional farming, but we believe that if you treat the soil right, it will treat you right. We want to be on the cutting edge of growers who take a more proactive approach toward incorporating environmentally friendly practices to grow the highest quality fruit possible. The results are exceptional fruit and satisfied customers.


Our focus is to consistently meet the highest standards of quality, freshness, and seasonality to deliver the highest quality fruit at its peak freshness and flavor.

Core Values

  • To respect our employees and provide them a safe, clean, and positive work environment

  • To provide every customer with exceptional quality fruit that leaves them eager for more

  • To modernize our business concepts with fresh and ever-improving ideas

  • To dedicate ourselves to good food safety practices in order to produce safe and reliable products

  • To devote ourselves to the responsibility in the stewardship of the land we grow our fruit on

  • To advocate for the agricultural community, and show appreciation and respect for the value of agriculture

  • To utilize and combine our years of experience with modern innovation to contribute to the next generation of citrus professionals

Embracing Technology

While the use of hand labor is still used from harvest to packing, we have tried to stay in step with the industry.  Implementing brix sorting and mechanical loading and bagging techniques keeps our costs down to provide a high value of taste and quality at a fair market price!