“An article was published 18 years ago in the New York Times comparing oranges from groves in California and Florida. The writer, based in New York, had bought an heirloom orange at a bodega and found the flavor unlike anything he had experienced before. This led to taste testing many types of oranges from different groves in the published article. What struck me was the praise for the heirloom navel from the Ripe To You® citrus grove. I was so taken that I immediately contacted Kim and Eric Christensen, and ordered my first box of the amazing heirloom navel orange. The first bite was intoxicating and led to a two-decade love affair with this wonderful orange. I remain amazed that the oranges are picked, packaged, and shipped on a Monday, arriving at my front door three days later. The citrus fragrance lingers throughout the house, taking my mind off the long Mideast winters. Through the years, I have shared my treasured oranges with family and friends, and all agree that the heirloom navel oranges are unparalleled. I highly recommend Ripe To You®, for you will find they sell the greatest oranges you will ever have.”

Liam T. McDonald – Online Buyer

“I just want you to know that you grow the best oranges in the USA, probably the world. An orange just doesn’t get any better than the Heirloom Navel Orange. I buy them by the case at my local Roth’s Market in Silverton, Oregon and have gone through at least three full cases since winter.

I am 72 years old, and sometimes I eat 3 or 4 oranges a day. I am so happy our market carries them. Just thought you should know you have a customer for life.”

Frances, Online Buyer

“We are a small family farm in Washington State that provides summer and winter CSA boxes to a small customer base. In the summertime, we supply the veggies from our farm and work with other family farms in Eastern Washington to supply fruit.

Wintertime is always challenging to find fresh produce, though we have farming partners to help. Ripe to You® has been our supplier of citrus fruit for our winter shares for the last 4 or 5 years and we simply couldn’t imagine winter without them.

The burst of sweet juiciness that comes through in every bite sustains us through the grey, deep-cold days of winter, boosting our much-needed vitamin D intake, and bringing smiles that radiate with the hand-picked sunshine from your farms. Ripe to You® farmers rock our world!”

Building Earth Farm Olympia, WA

I learned about Rising C Ranch when I read an article with a title “Why the Citrus You’re Eating Just Doesn’t Taste Good.” As it happened, I had just come back from Northern California, and after eating some oranges at the Farmers Market, I wondered the same thing: why doesn’t citrus taste as good here in New York City? The article laid out several explanations and gave links to different ranches which would ship to NY. I ordered fruit from six of them.

Rising C was the first one to ship their fruit – in 3 days. Three ranches didn’t even respond. Of the three that arrived, Rising C was, without question, the best. The fruit sparkled. And it was the ONLY ranch that answered me when I wrote to tell them how much I loved the fruit.

Since then, I’ve never been disappointed – until the season ends and I can’t get any more citrus. Rising C introduced me to varieties I have never heard of, including some they don’t grow, telling me where I could get them, and have just “raised the game” for any other citrus grower. I will only buy from other sources when I can’t get theirs. I LIVE for the blood oranges, and for the navels. The season is starting again. I can’t wait.

Norman Hanson, Online Buyer

“It’s always a pleasure passing through the fall, winter, and spring with Ripe to You® products. Each month brings a new flavor, and one great reason for summer to end is so that Satsuma Mandarins can begin! The amazing people at Fruition Sales and the small hand-crafted product to match, make me anticipate harvest time every year.”

Paul Schumacher, Earthquake Produce

“Your fruit is exceptional in taste and texture. It is always a wonderful surprise to the taste buds.”

Joanne Rosenfeld, Online Buyer